European Insurtech Award 2020

We are proud to have won the European Insurtech 2020 Award during Plug and Play’s Expo Day in Munich last week!

Many thanks to Plug and Play Tech center for the opportunity to be part of such a fruitful program. It was great connecting with all the international insurance leaders and experts, and we’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration.

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Download PDF
About Fixico

Fixico is Europe’s leading digital car repair management platform. On a mission to reshape the industry’s ecosystem, Fixico connects drivers, businesses, and body repair shops in entirely new ways. Its digital expertise and pioneering approach improve the repair handling process from every perspective; drivers experience an effortless repair journey, businesses increase operational efficiency, and body repair shops optimise their workshop utilisation. Fixico gives access to a marketplace with a network of over 2,000 body repair shops across six countries. A group of world-class investors backs Fixico, and its services are trusted by more than 150 leading fleet-, lease-, rental- and insurance companies.

For business partners:

For body repair shops and consumers: